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2nd-Aug-2020 09:34 pm - friends
Kat Dancing
Welcome to my fandom journal. Friend me for my interests!
23rd-Oct-2010 08:39 pm - Fic News
Kat Dancing
If you ever read Blue Skin some time in the last 8 years,
you will be happy to know that I have just daydreamed the continuation;
the series will be on its own and it is complete.
I am in the process of writing the whole thing down.

I only have one thing to say: It will have been worth the wait.

Thank you. *faints in happiness*
17th-Oct-2010 05:51 pm - My L/L Bathroom Graffiti
Kat Dancing
I went to a cute cafe. The walls of the washroom were covered in graffiti.
There were permanent pens available for customers to use. So I did.
I should have signed it, dammit, but I rushed because I still felt guilty for writing on a wall!
My L/L Bathroom Graffiti
16th-Sep-2010 11:40 am - I wanna bite this
Kat Dancing
A decade ago I read books by L.J.Smith. I adored The Nightworld Series because of the concept, of having vamps, wolves, witches, ghosts, soulmates, psychics all in a secret society. They should make a tv show or mini-series or movie out of that, they really should! The one thing I didn't like about The Vampire Diaries is how Elena could never make up her mind. Is it really true love if you can't choose? Isn't "the one" supposed to stand out amongst the rest? So when TVD arrived on the tele, I noticed it was all about Stefan/Elena and I cringed and ran. There's something about them (melodrama up to the eyeballs!) that reminds me of Clana. *shudders*

However, yesterday, A Damon/Elena icon by heartsafool  caught my attention and I went on YouTube and spent a glorious six hours looking at all the incredible D/E vids out there. It's one thing to read D/E in the novels, on paper, but to see it with actors Ian Somerhalder and Nina Dobrev? Well, that reached a whole 'nother level! Talk about chemistry. Sold! I am hooked. To avoid S/E angst I'll just watch Delena clips instead of the entire first season and just jump right into season 2. *goes back to her D/E fic marathon reading*

BTW, if you're looking for wicked Nightworld fic, then ki_caelum  is your girl. Her work is EPIC! In fact, you don't need to have even read L.J.Smith to read Kiana's series'. She's been around for years and has always been quite prolific so her website Firesong is full of goodies. Chimera is my absolute favourite from her because the main character's soulmate isn't all pretty roses and sweet champagne; oh, no, he's a merciless vampire assassin. (I can make you fall in love with me. I can rip your soul in two.) Forty-two chapters of brilliant writing, intense plot & people and the most twisted of love. It's like an unpublished book. Read it. Do it. Bite it.

11th-Sep-2010 01:49 am - I'm so pumped up! Fall TV schedule
Emily Underwater
Now that I've finished my education, I have all this free time to throw myself into new shows and new seasons! Hmm, what to watch, what to watch? Well, here are the lists!

Shows - Current -  I Want To Watch
Legend of the Seeker
Being Human
Dexter S3,4,5
Shows - Current -  I'm Caught Up On
Criminal Minds
Law & Order: SVU
CSI: Miami
CSI: New York
Stargate Universe
Lie To Me

Shows - New - I'm Giving A Try (linked to the promo vids on YT)
Law & Order: Los Angeles (so excited!)
Nikita (kinda iffy; I heart my Peta Wilson as Nikita)
No Ordinary Family (Julie Benz, yay! plus modern day superpower family sounds fun!)
The Event (looks suspenseful)
Body of Proof (ooh strong, female lead in a medical show and hey, I can understand wtf the terminology means now!)

Yep, that's how it's looking. I'm wondering if I should buy LotS and V on DVD. Hmm.
20th-Aug-2010 09:03 pm - Drabble: Liquid Mix-Up
Kat Dancing
I found this old drabble and edited & rewrote it. I don't know what to tell you guys either than I've recently been hanging out with 11 year olds and I'm in a weird mood. It's good to just throw myself into the writing, though, right? Right? Don't stare at me like that!

Disclaimer: No infringement intended. 
Summary: An "um, ah, ugh" kind of conversation. Lex/Lana.
Spoilers: Post-S4
Rating: PG-13
Feedback: Loved. Anonymous commenting enabled.
 Liquid Mix-Up
tap that!Collapse )
5th-Aug-2010 07:14 pm - the fic writer in me
LL Stay Embrace
I'm trying to get reconnected to the fic writer in me. I've purposely ignored it the last two years and it was content to stay hidden. The biggest challenge in my writing is finishing/completing stories. I get off to a good start and then halfway through the plot putters out and writer's block grips me. This time around I want to write a timeline for the Epic Fic so I know where it's going and how it'll end.

Ah yes, the Epic Fic, the one that combines all the ideas I had of Lex/Lana and puts them into one massive, cohesive fic. The cohesive part will be the hardest. Have you noticed that  Lex/Lana fanfiction is notorious for short fics? The Kag/Sess fic writers are notorious for epically long fics---we're talking 50 chapters average. This is going to be a big undertaking. All the more reason to make sure I have the plot timeline solid. That is what pretty much distinguishes an ordinary fic to an epic fic.

Trish said she'd link me up with her L/L fanarts. I know they'll be dozens upon dozens and I cannot wait to see them again. Motivation, here you come!
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