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Run, Li-Li, Run

Li. Girl. 26.

Welcome to my fandom journal, mainly of L/L but Tollie, Delena & S/H may filter in.

Likes: to elliptical run. point form. read. write. laugh. lip synch. fanart. collect plushies. photograph everything.
Dislikes: to actually run. push-ups. meat/seafood. big pills. slow shutter speeds.
Often says: "Google it!" and "Did you know..."
Career: in healthcare, enjoys OBs, internal med & emerg med
True fact: probably can't outrun you.
Admits to: being a major bookwhore in the genres of science & sci-fi.
Confesses to: laminating movie tickets.
Current Couples: Lex/Lana, Oliver/Tess, Elena/Damon, Snape/Hermione, Elena/Elijah, Elena/Alaric
Past Couples: Sesshoumaru/Kagome, Claire/Peter, Spock/Uhura, Mick/Beth, Cameron/John, Simon/River, Angel/Cordelia, Zero/Yuuki, Helen/John & Helen/Will, Michael/Nikita in LFM

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Better to write for yourself & have no public
than write for the public & have no self.

-- Cyril Connolly

lex/lana is love